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Peavey New and Hot for 2023

Peavey New for 2023
HP 2 Poplar Burl RM
The Peavey® HP 2® Poplar Burl RM is constructed with leading-edge technology, traditional handcrafted methods, professional-quality upgrades, and customizations. When a guitar bears the initials of Peavey founder and CEO Hartley Peavey, players can expect an iconic design with its own unique flair.

Roasted Maple Neck

Roasted Maple Neck

Poplar Burl Top

Poplar Burl Top
Aquarius AQ

• Advanced DSP

Quickly Tune For Your Room or Genre

Advanced DSP

• Asymmetrical Quadratic Waveguide Horn

Directs sound to your audience, not over their heads.

• High SPL Performance

Asymmetrical Quadratic Waveguide Horn

• Best-in-Class Compression Driver

• Bluetooth® streaming and pairing

Best-in-Class Compression Driver
6505 Series reissue
To mark the 30th anniversary of one of the best and most imitated amps of all time, an amp that literally helped create an entire genre of music, Peavey is proud to reissue the 6505 1992 Original and 6505 II.
6505® 1992 Original Head

6505® 1992 Original Head

The Peavey® 6505® 1992 Original is the result of extensive research and development to produce the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll guitar amp, featuring super rock crunch, harmonic-rich sustain, and screaming metal drive like you’ve never heard from another amp.


  • High and low gain inputs
  • 120 watts (rms) into 16, 8, or 4 ohms (switchable)
  • 2-channel preamp switchable on front panel or remote footswitch
  • Rhythm channel: pre-/post-gain, bright and crunch switches
  • Five 12AX7 preamp tubes and four 6L6GC power amp tubes
6505® II Head

6505® II Head

Peavey’s classic high-gain legacy continues with the 6505® II. Like the original 6505® head, the 6505 II offers two channels. However, the 6505 II adds separate EQ, Resonance, and Presence controls to each channel, giving you more control and flexibility. The new footswitch provides foot control of channel selection, effects loop, and the newly added ability to select the Crunch feature.


  • Six 12AX7 preamp and four 6L6GC power amp tubes
  • Two distinct tube channels with footswitch control
  • LED “active” indicators for each channel
  • Bright switch for Rhythm channel
  • Crunch switch on Rhythm channel with footswitch control

6505® II Straight and 6505® II Slant 412 Cabinets

Designed to the exacting specifications of our original 1992 version with a few basic updates that have been requested by countless artists over the years.

Dual 1/4” jacks with Stereo/Mono selector. 300W(rms) power handling. Solid Birch plywood construction, recessed handles, and heavy-duty pop-out casters. 16 Ohms mono, 8 Ohms per side stereo.

6505 Cabinets

6505® MH Mini Head 20W Tube Guitar Amplifier

The 6505® MH delivers the crushing metal tones that all Peavey 6505® amps are known for, but in a small package. This no compromises amp follows the same gain structure as its big brother. Two EL84 power tubes and three 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes. Footswitch included.

The ultimate powered, portable and punchy speaker enclosure!

The PVXp™ Bluetooth® is the third generation of one of the bestselling speaker enclosures in the industry. Backed by over 50 years of R&D, this speaker enclosure harbors many unique features that combine to deliver best-in-class performance and reliability.

Bluetooth® Audio In and Remote Control

Our speakers combine the latest technology to allow both remote control via iOS app and Bluetooth® audio streaming in. Nothing has ever been easier: control playback, adjust volume and EQ, all from your iOS device.

Equipped with Advanced DSP

The new PVXp includes the most advanced digital signal processing to date. Using high sample rates and quality AD converters, our processing provides a wide variety of EQ and presets. Not only does our technology allow the user to customize EQ settings and save presets, it allows Peavey to optimize performance using tools such as loudness compensation to maximize performance, clarity and volume.



This graphic is for illustrative purposes ONLY, for proper rigging and safety information, see the specifications sheet or Owner’s Manual.

LN™ 1063 Column Array Portable PA System

The Peavey LN 1063 is a compact, powerful, lightweight and low profile portable column-array.

Utilizing 500 watts of potential maximum power, the LN 1063 contains 6 2.75″ custom drivers for the mid-high column and a custom 8″ driver for the subwoofer. Completely self contained, the unit has no visible cables in mono operation. Its clean design is well suited for applications where speakers should be heard and not seen. Coming in at 10 lbs lighter than our nearest competitor, the LN 1063 is extremely easy to carry: an entire PA system that can be moved by one person in one trip!

The satellite speakers feature rugged housing and quick attachment design. The subwoofer is both durable and lightweight.

The onboard mixer features 2 combo inputs, each with the option of selecting a guitar input, making this the first column array designed specifically with the acoustic guitar performer in mind. Two additional media channels feature stereo 1/4″ inputs and streaming audio Bluetooth in. Perfect for church, convention, DJ or club applications, the LN 1063 offers the best-in-class feature-to-value and performance in the industry.

  • Bluetooth audio input for streaming music from any Bluetooth device
  • Six Channel mixer
  • Two combo inputs with Guitar Channel select ability
  • Frequency response 55 Hz – 18 kHz
  • Satellite speaker carrying bag included
  • 1 1/4″ Stereo input channel
  • Two onboard guitar channels
  • 3.5 mm input
  • Mix out for additional units
  • 500 Watts maximum power
  • 120 dB maximum SPL
  • Reverb on Channel 1 and Channel 2

Trace Elliot® TE-1200 Bass Amplifier Head

After the incredible success of the ELF line of portable compact amplifiers, Trace once again turns their focus to large venue environments. Recognizing the continued need for world-class bass amplification that can stand on any stage and be rugged enough to withstand the rigors of constant touring, Trace Elliot proudly announces the launch of the TE-1200 bass amplifier and the Trace Elliot Pro 4×10 and 2×12 cabinets.

The Trace Elliot® TE-1200 bass amplifier head boasts 1200 watts of REAL power, capable of driving up to FOUR Trace Pro cabinets per unit. Utilizing the amazing tone sculpted by our proprietary Multi-band Compressor and Pre-Shape control that Trace Elliot made famous, the TE-1200’s tone is legendary and its power can handle any stage. Rear features such as low noise direct-out, power amp in and out (for multiple units) and the included rack ears and bag make this amp ready for the road out of the box.

Trace Elliot® Trace Pro 4×10 and 2×12 Road Ready Bass Enclosures

The Trace Pro 4×10 is one of the most sonically pleasing and road worthy cabinets ever built. Using a staggered 4-10 inch speaker design combined with a true compression driver, the Trace Elliot Pro 4×10 delivers astonishing power and performance handling well over 1000 Watts of true RMS power. Each cabinet is built using 15mm plywood construction covered in durable, weather-resistant two-stage epoxy coating. Drivers are protected during transit with the 4×10’s magnetically attached cover.

The Trace Pro 2×12 uses a custom coaxial 12” driver paired with its 12″ woofer-only counterpart, this enclosure handles the complete sonic palette of the bass guitar. From thunderous lows to crisp, intelligent highs, this unique cabinet is ready for any stage.

Revered by blues, country and rock players alike, Peavey Classic amps span the tonal landscape from vintage to contemporary with ease, and the Classic 20 MH provides that tone in a highly portable package.

Classic® 20 MH Mini Amp Head

The all-tube, 20-Watt Classic 20 MH is powered by two EL84 power tubes and 3 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes. It has two channels that follow the same gain structure and voicing of the Peavey Classic series amps for pure and versatile tone. The channels share a three-band EQ, lush reverb and an effects loop. The channels, effects loop and reverb are all footswitchable.

Peavey’s TSI tube monitoring alerts players of power tube status, and in the event of a necessary tube replacement, identifies which tube needs to be replaced. Rear panel features such as a Microphone Simulated Direct Interface (MSDI) with XLR output and USB out, speaker defeat switch and 3 position power attenuator switch make the Classic 20 MH mini head perfect for studio environments.


Peavey Electronics® once again redefines the modeling amplifier category with the introduction of the VYPYR® X Series. This latest evolution of the revolutionary VYPYR line includes three new models with updated styling, enhanced acoustic performance and improved TransTube® analog/digital hybrid technology, a Peavey exclusive providing true analog distortion that emulates real tubes.

True to the VYPYR VIP legacy, the new VYPYR X Series offers world-class processing and cabinet design with Variable Instrument Performance. Users can switch from electric guitar to bass to acoustic on the same amplifier. The VYPYR X2 and X3 models take utility a step further with up to 10 different instrument modes and 26 total on-board amp-accessible effects. The X2 and X3 models can also be controlled remotely with on-board Bluetooth wireless remote control via Peavey’s exclusive VYPYR control app for iOS devices. Users can change and store all their presets remotely, stream audio in, and play a backing track or favorite music.

Fully loaded with amps and effects, the VYPYR X Series proves why it’s the ultimate modeling machine, providing a range of solutions with unparalleled value.


The foundation of the Peavey Aureus digital mixer is professional quality audio in an easy to use package. The 10″ multi-touch display allows users to access almost any control with just a couple of taps. Fifty-nine dedicated controls allow access to most critical functions with a single touch, making the Aureus the easiest to use digital mixer to date. No fumbling through endless menus – just touch the feature you want to access and adjust.

Quick setup is easy with the Aureus. Packed with presets for channels, EQ, gate, compressor, scenes, and shows, the mix can be up and running in minutes. The mixer also provides the ability to save and store your own presets, scenes, and even an entire mix onto a USB drive.


  • Channels: 28 inputs X 14 outputs
  • Inputs: 16 x XLR-1/4 Combo
  • Phantom Power: 16 Channels 48V
  • Additional Inputs: Bluetooth, USB A/B
  • Outputs: 10 X XLR, 2 RCA, 6 Digital
  • AUX Sends: 8 Aux
  • Busses / Groups: 8 BUS, 2 MAIN, 4 DCA
  • DATA I/O: WIFI onboard, Ethernet remote
  • Computer Connectivity: Ethernet, WIFI, USB

Trace Elliot® ELF™ Combos

Purpose-built to amplify your talent and the tone of your instrument.

There are many small bass amplifiers, but NONE that sound like their full-sized counterparts until now. For the authentic tone of a big bass amp that you can carry in one hand, the Trace Elliot® ELF™ Combos take the finest speaker components on the road in a portable package. These Combos are purpose-built to amplify your talent and the tone of your instrument.

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